Ted Helm has been practicing psychotherapy since 1999. He graduated from Smith College SSW, training in New Mexico and Boston. For eight years he worked at a small non-profit mental health clinic, including as a clinical supervisor and program director. Ted has taught as an adjunct instructor at Smith College SSW, Simmons University SSW, and Boston University SSW. His undergraduate and graduate theses focused on small group dynamics, and he is a certified SYMLOG practitioner. He volunteers as a psychiatric evaluator at Cambridge Legal Services and Counseling Center. When Ted is not practicing therapy, he is also a professional chef.

Professional activities include

  • Psychotherapy
  • Clinical supervision for psychotherapists
  • Clinical consultation
  • Psychiatric evaluation for asylum seekers
  • Trainings facilitated:
    • mental illness and substance abuse in the culinary field
    • small group dynamics
    • major mental illness for non-clinicians
    • DSM-IV diagnosis translated for analytic psychology


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Ted Helm, LICSW
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1234 Broadway, Somerville, MA